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Attendance is an important indicator of student achievement.  Students are expected to attend school each day unless they are sick or have a medical appointment. A student is considered to have an unexcused absence if they miss school to go on a family vacation.    


Perfect Attendance

Students with no absences for any class (excused or unexcused), any day during the semester earn the Perfect Attendance award.  Students with more than 3 tardies during the semester do not qualify for Perfect Attendance.

Note: School Activities are not counted as absences. Students suspended at school (in house suspension) or at home are not eligible for Perfect Attendance during the semester.


Important information in regard to tardies:  

Grade 8 students may not have more than 10 tardies. If students have 10 or more tardies they may not be allowed to participate in promotion ceremony. 


Saturday school can help to redeem absences, but not tardies.